WebRun - The web exe launcher

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    Download and Install, follow the on-screen instructions and install WebRun on your PC. Installation is super easy and Ad-free.

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    Write markup, create webrun links, inside your html page, that point to your applications / executables / files.

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    Click to run, launch your favorite apps, run your favorite .bat scripts, with a single click inside your browser.


How to use

  • The first thing you need to do is download and install WebRun. Note that, webrun links will not work if WebRun is not installed.
  • Then go to your html page and add a webrun link pointing to the executable, file or command you want to launch.
    A webrun link starts with "webrun:" inside the href attribute, followed by the executable, file or command you want to call.

    Note: Command line parameters and double quotes inside commands, will not work.
    That's only a feature of WebRunPro.
  • That's it! You may now click your webrun link to launch your application. If the application is not found, WebRun will just return a popup error.

    Note:The first time you click on a webrun link, your browser will ask you if you want to associate WebRun.exe with this type of links. If you click "remember", you will not be prompted again.


Example to launch notepad:
 <a href="webrun:C:\Windows\notepad.exe">Notepad</a>

Example to open Windows Explorer:
Open Windows Explorer
 <a href="webrun:explorer.exe">Open Windows Explorer</a>


Security notice

Web Browsers do not natively support running an executable from an html link
and for a good reason too. An attacker could exploit this feature and run malicious code on users PC.
You use WebRun at your own risk, we recommend running WebRun in a sandboxed environment.




Download WebRun

Web run is free for home users.
Click on the link below to start the download.
Get it from CNET Download.com!


Support WebRun

If you like WebRun you can support it's development either by buying WebRunPro or by donating any amount you wish!