Support Policy

Ioannis Koutsaftakis (hereinafter 'WebRunApps') is not obliged to resolve problems, respond to usage questions or bug reports. All issues will receive our best effort, but we cannot guarantee a resolution of support issues, nor can we guarantee their resolution.

We only support current major versions of our software.

We do not support earlier versions of our software. The primary reason for this is to ensure our software users enjoy the most stable and feature-rich version available.

Please read this document carefully to understand the full terms of our Support Policy.

Scope of Coverage

WebRunApps support will cover common software related issues such as: Feature questions, basic set-up questions, and software errors.

Support will not cover non-software related issues, operating system specific issues, freeware issues.

Methods of Support

Support is only available through our contact page. Fill in our contact form with your contact details and describe your problem inside the "Message" text area.

NOTE: Support is not available for freeware or previous major versions (for example WebRun).

Unsupported Methods of Support

To ensure that support requests are logged and tracked properly, we will only respond to requests submitted through our contact form.

We do not offer email or telephone support.